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I’m the author and illustrator of the Super Hammy series! My books are for beginning readers – preschool, JK/SK and grade one. They’re great for English language learners, too.

PIRATE GLITTERBEARD loves everything pink and glittery? Will his crew rebel when they find out? The captain and his quirky crew journey to find their treasure – the Wikkie-Tikkies legendary meat pies. But, argh, evil Pirate Squidlips and her ship, The Rotten Turnip, draw near….Fall 2023 REBEL MOUNTAIN PRESS



Perfect for beginning readers. Engage kids with adorable characters and funny stories. Read about the misadventures of a goofy superhero whose superpowers are love and kindness!

30 BooksFountas & Pinnell levels A to F.

(Revised and redesigned)

These books are specially designed to make it easier for children to learn how to read. Teachers call them levelled books. They increase in difficulty very gradually. The sentence structures, sight words and vocabulary are carefully controlled.


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Follow along as I read lots of Super Hammy books in both English and en français!

Super Hammy merch now available! The little super hero is showing up everywhere – on face masks, backpacks, water bottles, t-shirts and much more!

Teach and Test ABC’s and More: Reading and Writing Tips for Parents. My latest book – just in time for back to school! For parents who want to help their kids become successful readers and writers.

OKSANNA CRAWLEY – AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR After retiring from a 25-year career as a kindergarten teacher and early literacy specialist, I decided to write books with engaging characters and simple, funny stories that would inspire and motivate children to read. I love to make children laugh! At the same time, I wanted to help teachers and parents by making it easier to teach reading. I’ve used my knowledge of teaching reading and love of art to create these books.

©Oksanna Crawley, 2018