Hi, I’m Oksanna Crawley. Welcome.

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After retiring from a career as a kindergarten and reading teacher, I decided to write books for children who were just beginning to read.
I wanted to inspire and motivate children with engaging characters such as a super hero hamster and simple, funny stories.



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My Super Hammy books are specially designed to make the teaching and learning of reading easier. Teachers call them levelled books.  They increase in difficulty very gradually. The sentence structures, sight words and vocabulary are carefully controlled.



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Super Hammy – My First Reading Series  is for pre-school, kindergarten and grade one. Teachers can use them in the classroom and parents can use them at home.



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Super Hami est disponible en français.




Super Hammy is a star on Youtube.

Click here to view his trailer!


A “Super” Review from “Professionally Speaking” (Ontario College of Teachers)

Review-Super Hammy-Professionally Speaking-Dec.2017

I welcome comments or questions about my Teach Your Child to Read Blog

Teaching Tip: Begin with the oldest posts first.

To purchase Super Hammy books, click on Shop Super Hammy Books.


©Oksanna Crawley 2018



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