Hi, I’m Oksanna. Welcome to my website!

   mg-Oksanna-smiling-gautreau copy    So, who is this woman, you say?  

I’m a former kindergarten and Reading Recovery teacher. After retiring from a teaching career that I loved, I thought what a shame it was that I had all this wonderful knowledge and training as a reading teacher and wouldn’t it be great if I could continue to share it with parents – parents who want to make a difference in their child’s literacy life.
As a Reading Recovery teacher, I worked with children in grade one who were struggling readers. There was nothing more gratifying for me than to see the change in children’s self-esteem when they learned to read as well, or sometimes even better, than their classmates. Reading Recovery is an amazing early literacy intervention program for struggling readers. Ask for it in your school.
That’s why I’ve started this website and blog. It’s also why I wrote my Super Hammy books – they’re specially designed to make the teaching and learning of reading easier.
Since retiring from teaching (but not from life!), I’ve been taking art courses and so the books are a combination of things that I love to do – write, draw and help children become readers. They really have been a labour of love.    
Super Hammy – My First Reading Series is for pre-school, kindergarten and grade one. The books are for teachers to use in the classroom and for parents to use at home with their kids. 



I welcome comments about my Teach Your Child to Read Blog or any questions you might have about teaching reading to your child
 Super Hammy says “Come read with me!”

screen-shot-2017-08-21-at-5-17-26-pm.png                                                                              by Oksanna Crawley (copyright)

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