The ABC’s and Learning to Read

If you’d like to know how to give your child a solid foundation in reading and writing – this book is for you

It’s written by me a former kindergarten teacher and early literacy specialist. I worked with students in grade one who had the hardest time learning to read. This book contains many of the techniques I used as a teacher but explained in simple language that everyone can understand. You don’t have to be a teacher to use it! It also comes with several handy printables such as a test for letter names and sounds. You can print them from this website. There’s lot of talk about phonics these days. Phonics is important but it’s not the only thing that children need in order to be successful readers and writers. My book gives you all the tips you need. They work!

Have a look inside:

My book is available all over the world. Search for it on Amazon. The Kindle edition is very affordable.

Ask any book store to order a copy for you.

ISBN: 9780987962621 (Give your retailer this number for the print copy.)

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