Super Hammy Charms in Frankfurt!

My Super Hammy books have made the trip across the Atlantic to the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019 – the Frankfurt Book Fair in – where else – Frankfurt, Germany.

Five new Super Hammy books are there, too. You can see them on the top shelf: Super Hammy’s Pizza Party, Super Hammy Goes Sledding, Super Hammy Goes Camping, Super Hammy Loses His Red Ball and Super Hammy’s Purple Hat! Coming soon!

Lots of books from DC Canada Education Publishing promoting Canadian authors to the world!

My publisher, Mei Dang of DC Canada Education Publishing, and George Ghanotakis – author of Smarti Bears Brain Fitness and Playwise Games.

Super Hammy books, just right for beginning readers in kindergarten and grade one, can be purchased directly from the publisher. New books coming soon. Super Hammy is available in English and en français! Oui! Oui!

To purchase click here: DC Canada Education Publishing

Happy reading!

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