The ABC’s – Test Your Child’s Knowledge of Letters and Sounds

Here are two quick and easy assessments you can do to determine your child’s knowledge of letter names and their sounds.

Although phonics is not the only way children learn to read, knowing the sounds the letters make is still a very important part of learning to read.


It’s a good idea to have a grasp of which letters and sounds your child already knows and at the same time, which ones your child needs to learn.  Make this a fun activity – keep it casual.

How to begin:  Print the Letter Names Assessment. Click on the link below for the PDF.

Letter Names Assessment

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 7.56.34 PM

Put the sheet in front of your child and ask him or her to name the letter beginning with “A”.  Go across the page from left to right. This way the letters are in a random order. 

Circle the letter with a pencil if your child knows it.  Give lots of praise! 

Do the same with Letter Sounds.  Print the Letter Sounds Assessment. Click on the link below.

Letter Sounds Assessment

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 1.18.42 PM

Super Hammy ABC teaches not only the letter names but also their sounds. It comes with a CD and is available in English and French from DC CANADA EDUCATION PUBLISHING


Work on the letters your child doesn’t know yet.  Use the alphabet activities from my previous post – Teach Your Child the Alphabet – With Hands-on Activities,

An excellent website for teaching letters and sounds, and much more, is 

Try the assessments again every few weeks to see the gains your child has made.

You can use a different coloured pencil each time you assess. Date the assessments, e.g. green pencil – Aug. 8/18. You can do this on the back of the assessment page. 


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