So, you’d like to teach your child to read…

You’ve come to the right place. 


Hi, I’m Oksanna.

2880oksannacrawley-croppedI’m a retired, certified early literacy teacher with over 25 years teaching experience in Canadian schools. As a Reading Recovery teacher, I taught grade one children who were having the most difficult time learning to read. I also taught kindergarten for many years and loved it! I’m also the author and illustrator of Super Hammy – My First Reading Series.

I have a passion for teaching children how to read. You’re here because you want to help your child become a reader (and a writer), and I applaud you for that.

Here, you’ll find advice on how to instil a love of reading, how to pick the right books to teach reading, how to teach reading strategies, and how to teach letters and their sounds.

The information on this blog is aimed at children who are not yet reading or are just starting to.

A Bit About Reading Theory…

Reading is a message getting activity and writing is a message making activity.

That’s according to Marie Clay, a renowned reading educator and psychologist from New Zealand who founded Reading Recovery. Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention program.

Simple, right?  Reading and writing go hand-in-hand so I’ll have tips for teaching your child how to write, too. The better you are at reading, the better you’ll be at writing and vice versa. When a child reads, he or she is trying to get a message from the print or words on the page. The brain is working hard to make meaning. When a child writes, he or she is trying to construct a message usually for someone else. 

What your child reads has to make sense.

It helps if there is a story, even a very simple one, to help make meaning. So, I won’t be recommending books with content such as “The fat cat sat on a mat with a bat.” That’s gobbledegook! 

There’s a lot more to reading than phonics.

Many parents think that this is the way children learn to read. Not exactly. It’s not what the research shows. Yes, it’s important, for sure, to know the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, but that is only part of how children learn to read. I’ll be telling you all about it!

Real books…

There’s nothing like holding a book in your hands. Put a book in your child’s hand, not a tablet. Leave the computer, the tablet and the phone for later.

“The more that you read,
the more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss


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